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1. Name: Armarlie
2. age: 11
3. male/female: Female
4. height: 5'1"
5. single/relationship (pics of your SO?): Single
6. how would you describe your personality? I'm happy and nice most of the time, but if someone disses out or ticks off one of my friends, then it's on. So I'm a little protective over my friends. I'm a little suicidal too (Yes! A friend of mine already said I was too young, but no one's too young to die, you know), but I try to get over that and enjoy life because I promised a friend of mine who I used to like, but he's being strange right now because he thinks I'm hiding things from him and I shouldn't because he says he's my best friend and blah blah blah.
7. what would you wear or what is your style?: I don't really have a style. Usually I wear a tee with some jeans, a belt, some tennis shoes, put on a bandanna, and boom. XD Though I do shop at Hot Topic and Claires to get armsocks.
8. what is your weapon of choice?: My weapon of choice? My deadly fists because I'm one of Zell's #1 fans in Ohio! XD I dislike fighting, but I do go hand-to-hand. Oh, and finding anything I can find around me to use as a weapon, when needed. Ah, reminds me of Kindergarden... XD
9. what is your occupation of choice?: I don't know, I've been told I could be so many things. But I guess I could be a massage therapist or something. If that doesn't work out, I could be either a psychiatrist or a therapist.
10. are you a goody or a baddy?: Let's say I'm a traitor. I'm neither good or bad. I help others, and yet I hurt them too.
11. optimist/pessimist?: Optimist. ^^
12. what's yout favourite FF game and why?: I just love the story line of Final Fantasy VII, and most of my favorite characters are in that game. I never did beat that game... I also like Final Fantasy X, because it's awesome. Tidus is lovable, even if he is whiney. His father, Jecht, is awesome too. My mother and I have completed Final Fantasy IX countless times, so it's fun. I like Kuja, no stares please ._. I also like Eiko, Vivi, and Freya from that game too. I'd love to live in a place like Bermecia, if it wasn't destroyed and filled with fiends, because it's a very beautiful place, and I love the rain. It rains non-stop there! I love that.
13. who's your favourite FF character and why?: Ooh, favorite...? That's hard. I can't decide between Vincent Valentine of FFVII, Cid Highwind of FFVII, Eiko Carol of FFIX, and Paine of FFX-2. Vincent's a personal favorite of mine, because he's so mysterious. At first, you don't know anything about the man, he's like a vampire. You just find him in a coffin and ask him about Sephiroth, and he says "Good night." But later on, you find out more and more about the man, and now he's about to have his own video game!

I like Cid Highwind because... he's cool. Mostly because he's all like, "Sit down and drink your goddamn tea!!!" Gotta love the language. I don't know why I like him, really. I just do. Sorry ;_;

I can relate to Eiko. She's been all alone, only living with moogles. My mom was always at work, so all I had were video games XD She loved Zidane, but he loved Garnet. I liked that friend of mine I was talking about earlier, but he was with a friend of mine that we will address as Q. She's a little spoiled and special, and I'm like that too. After a while, she made a whole lot of friends and faced new challenges, things she would have never experienced if she never left her country, and when I moved to a school for the first time, I made a whole lot of friends, and I faced things I couldn't do over at my first school. That's basically why I like her.

And I just find Paine awesome. She's like a woman version of Auron, except slightly nicer. She comes out mysterious, and all you know is that she was looking for something, and her name is Paine, and she joined the Gullwings before Yuna did, but later on, you find out more and more exciting things about her, some that would surprise you.
14. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself with a clear view of your face. a body shot might be good too!:

I'm on the end.

My mother and I. Taken at the beginning of the school year. I hate smiling. Had to do it for the teacher, though. I never smile, so be glad I have a smiling picture.

A poorly made doll I made, showing what clothes I look for when I shop. XD I don't look for wings, though.
15. promote using the promo banner on the info. page and provide the link.: Aye-aye, captain. Is it okay if I make a post in my LiveJournal, and leave a link on my userinfo, or does it absouletely have to be on my info page?
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