[...::phoenix::...] (sapphirephoenix) wrote in finalfantasyfun,

1. Name: - Zara
2. age: - 21
3. male/female: - female
4. height: - 5'3"
5. single/relationship (pics of your SO?): - Relationship.. my so;

6. how would you describe your personality? I'm cheerful, friendly, and hyper... I can be jealous though, and have a low self confidence sometimes... also, I can hold a grudge for too long..
7. what would you wear or what is your style?:- I like to wear baggier stuff but I like to look pretty..
8. what is your weapon of choice?:- A katana, probably
9. what is your occupation of choice?:- Body piercer/tattooist
10. are you a goody or a baddy?:- Goody
11. optimist/pessimist?:- Optimist
12. what's yout favourite FF game and why?:- FFVII... One of my first PSX games, and I've loved it ever since
13. who's your favourite FF character and why?:- Reno! He's overlooked, but he's so funny..
14. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself with a clear view of your face. a body shot might be good too!:-

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