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1. Name:

2. age:

3. male/female:

4. height:

5. single/relationship (pics of your SO?):

6. how would you describe your personality? (3.good points/3 bad points:-)
+ Protective
+ Fantabulous (That's what Thousand feather calls it)
+ Dependable
- Aggresive
- Vindictive
- Super-Critical

7. what would you wear or what is your style?:
-I me. American Eagle, Pacific Sunwear, Hot Topic on occasion.

8. what is your weapon of choice?:
-As fighter would say: "I like swords."
Katanas and long swords are preferable over anything else.

9. what is your occupation of choice?:

10. are you a goody or a baddy?:
-Is it possible to be both? I mean, I'm not really wholesome. I fight for my own cause, but I defend those who support me. To my allies I'm the good guy, to my adveraries I'm the badguy.

11. optimist/pessimist?:
-Pessimist overall, but I do have optimistic spurts, but I try to limit those.

12. what's yout favourite FF game and why?:
-FF Tactics, cause only they can teach me how to rave. (It's a techno/rave remix from FFT)
Actually, I loved the customization of your characters. It's the only FF where you could truly be a part of the game. It borderlined DandD in it's ability to allow you to make a character that was you. If it pulled an FFXI and allowed for customization of character design, and let you craft how you character related to the story, I'd have died.

13. who's your favourite FF character and why?:
-Tie: Vincent and Shadow.
Vincent because of who he is. Of the FFVI crew he's the only character that had a life and story that held actual depth. The rest seemed much too shallow for me to care about.

Shadow: He's a freaking ninja. And his story was equally compelling.

14. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself with a clear view of your face. a body shot might be good too!:
-I'm putting them in as links. Cause some of the images are huge.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

and a ninja pic, just cause i'm cool like that

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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