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1. Name: - Heather
2. age: - 19
3. male/female: - Female
4. height: - 5'9
5. single/relationship (pics of your SO?): - Single at the moment.
6. how would you describe your personality? (3.good points/3 bad points:-) Independent, dreamer, opinionated, argumentative, closed off, impulsive.
7. what would you wear or what is your style?:- I'm very girly-bohemian. I like wearing oversized sweatshirts and bracelets that fall off my wrists, huge sunglasses, huge necklaces. I also like layering things. I'm very fashion conscious.
8. what is your weapon of choice?:- Rod/Staff
9. what is your occupation of choice?:- Summoner or White Mage
10. are you a goody or a baddy?:- Goody
11. optimist/pessimist?:- Optimist
12. what's yout favourite FF game and why?:- VII because it's just the most amazing game I've ever played in my entire life. The story really draws you in and I think the sidequests are what make the game, that gold chocobo was really fun to get.
13. who's your favourite FF character and why?:- Garnet. And Tifa. And Aerith. I love them all. Garnet because I can relate to being spoiled and feeling trapped and then that is ripped away from you and you're in a new place, trying to figure out who you are and what you can do. And Tifa and Aerith just because they're amazing characters.
14. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself with a clear view of your face. a body shot might be good too!:-

15. promote using the promo banner on the info. page and provide the link.:-
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