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I had an idea that might be fun...I was looking through the applications I wasn't in the comm. for and realized...there's a 'goody/baddy' question...but then not very many of the 'baddies' as results! So, I had an idea that maybe, like what our beautiful mod suggested we do as a voting for who looks like what character, we could do a voting for who is most like which villian? Or even an entirely different villian questionaire maybe? There are a couple here already, true...but I know Sephiroth and Seymour (or branch out there and add Kadaj's gang too...yum) are feeling left out and they aren't people I would generally want to upset...

Just a suggestion though...mods? What say you?

ETA: and PS--vote for me! I haven't been stamped yet!
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Right then! I'd just like ot make a formal apology for my lack of activity in the ocmmunity lately! my life's been pretty hectic! Anyway, I promise I'll stamp members who need stamps, and i was also thinking...

about doing a 'who looks most like...' competition with all members - eg. 'who looks most like tifa?' or whichever character you have been stamped as. What do you think?

Also any suggestions about activities for us to do would be appreciated :D

- Your lovely mod xx